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Improving collaboration across borders.

We empower teams and help companies to become learning organisations. We build bridges and connect people and cultures. From the heart of Europe to the world.

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Shaping. Change. Together.

We are rooted in Germany, with an international team of practitioners and long standing experience with companies of the most diverse sectors and sizes. Wether a start-up or a multinational corporation, we know the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication and collaboration across sites.

Markets are on the move and the environment of organisations is changing just as radically as the understanding of teamwork and leadership. We are your partner for assessing the challenges of globalisation and digitisation, developing suitable options for action and put those ideas into action.

Our approach

Our focus is on the cooperation of the people within the organisation: we are convinced that a well-harmonised team is the basis for improvement, further development and thus for the success of the company.

  • Organisational structure
  • Collaboration & Leadership
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Processes
  • Strategy
  • Values & Principles
  • Empowerment

We combine suitable formats and switch between the roles of consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator and mentor.

Our mindset is systemic, i.e. we always think holistically and in the long term. We analyse bottlenecks, remove blockages and build up competencies and competencies, activate potentials and optimise structures. In doing so, we are passionate about working agile, wherever it fits.

Giancarlo Girardi

“Our industry is the human factor.”

We combine our external view with the professional expertise of your people. Our systemic approach puts the focus on the human resource and allows us to work successfully across all industries.
Giancarlo Girardi
Co-founder & Managing Director Teamprove

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Would you like to get to know us even better? You can also find more information on our German website and we cordially invite you to a personal call!

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Matthias Pauers

Matthias Pauers

Co-founder & Managing Director Teamprove
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